Norman Mailer Rest in Peace - A musical tribute to the author who gave us "The Naked and the Dead."

One summer I was working near a college doing menial work. I was young and it was an exciting location. There were students - who while still far older than me, they were just starting out in this dynamic place of learning. I was glad to be there. One day I found a large stack of hardcover books on top of a dumpster. I made it a point to rescue these fine books and I would end up reading them all from front to back. One of these volumes was Norman Mailer's "The Naked and the Dead." The story took on special important to me. My own grandfather (now since passed) was a WWII veteran in the Pacific Theater. He would never speak of his time there - he had lost too many close friends fighting on those islands. Norman Mailer spoke for people like him and told a bitter tale. Thanks Norman, Rest in Peace...

The great author Norman Mailer died on November 10th

Norman Mailer in 1969.
During his bid to become New York City Mayor


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Wow, that's a really faithful Pixies cover.

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