Kooks, Wontcha Kindly Play Boston?

For the uninitiated - The Kooks are just one of the most talented modern punk-influenced rock bands in the world. Hailing from Brighton, England - they just sold a million albums this year and are set to release a new record in the spring. (Already in the can, from what I am hearing.) A very small tour has been announced through the states. At this time, Boston is not counted among these cities. (Come on!) If you like the Strokes, the Hives, Jet and the Rolling Stones - you should give this band a serious look. While you do that, I will go back to my letter-writing campaign. Kooks, come on and play Boston! You know you want to.

06 Seattle, WA -The End’s Deck the Hall Ball
09 Nashville, TN - WRLT Nashville Sunday Night Concert Series
11 Indianapolis, IN - WTTS Rock to Read Xmas
12 Chicago, IL - WXRT VIP Private Show
14 Boulder, CO - KBCO Holiday Concert Series
15 San Diego, CA - KBZT’s Holiday Hootenanny
16 San Francisco, CA - Alice in Wonderland

Kooks singer Luke Pritchard

The Kooks - "Crazy"
(Gnarls Barkley cover)

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