DeVotchKa joins Neko Case, Nick Cave, Tom Waits and Elliott Smith

One of the ten hottest acts of 2006 was DeVotchKa - the band that brought the noise on the "Little Miss Sunshine" soundtrack. With singer Nick Urata and their own remarkable string section, the beautiful noise of DeVotchKa was turning heads. The latest news from the band (a personal favorite for their soulful songs and exquisite precision) is their addition to the Anti-Records label... a move that puts them in with some very talented company.

DeVotchka is now in the Anti-Records stable

Singer Nick Urata - a voice like a fine instrument

The Artists of Anti-Records
Some of the best music in the world:

That's some good company. Congratulations Anti-Records!
Best of luck to DeVotchKa. Keep making great music.


marya said…
wow. what a great mixture of songs!

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