The sensational Ra Ra Riot - Moving Forward, Leaving Pain

It's nice to see good things happen to great, well-deserving people. It's been a most tumultuous year for Ra Ra Riot - the very talented Syracuse, NY band with the stuttering name. (Before I go too much further, I will say a lot of people consider this to be a Boston band because of the number of times they have played here through the years...)

Ra Ra Riot's 2007 started with the promise of new exposure and invitations to the year's best music festivals. In the middle was utter tragedy: their drummer and close friend died in a drowning accident. Then there was the mourning and later - the recovery - the band has soldiered on to release a hopeful new video. They were just touring in Europe and are working on a new album.


I caught Ra Ra Riot earlier this year with Midlake here in Boston. (Incredible show!) The sextet of performers generate a tremendous energy up on stage - enough to draw a smile from even the most resistant audience. The band sports the usual fare: Guitar, Bass, Keyboards and Drums - but Ra Ra Riot also boasts a Cello and Violin! This creates such an unusually round sound that I found my eyes darting to and fro - looking to match what my ears were hearing.

We are Ra Ra Riot:

Dying Is Fine (An ode to renewal!)


Ra Ra Riot - Dying is Fine

On June 3rd, 2007: John Pike - the band's drummer died during a tragic drowning accident here in Massachusetts. There is a December 15th benefit planned at the Middle East for his memorial fund starring Tokyo Police Club and his former band (amongst others.) I will be there. Expect more on this show and on the band's progress on recording their new album in the days to come.

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