A New Album for Band of Horses - Surprise! (They're one of the Hottest Bands in the World!)

The story of Seattle's Band of Horses and their enigmatic climb to the top while on tour is a long and winding tale. One day they play a dive in the mid-west. Recently they played stages for the Download Festival. Now they're headlining shows around the world. In just two days, the band releases "Cease to Begin" - a record that promises to be one of the best records of 2007. Oh, the times are a changin'! Today's Artist of the Day is Band of Horses.

Seattle's Band of Horses

The comment has been made that BOH is much more than their song "The Funeral." The tremendous anthem was birthed from last year's "Everything All the Time" album. (I named it Song of the Year in 2006 and many others did the same.) Such attention for a song comes as a mixed blessing. Early concert goers, who only knew the band for the single track, would only half attention to the band through their set until "The Funeral" was played. The band wanted fans to know they were more than just a one-hit wonder. That was indeed, always the case, all the more clearly true now. The bits I have heard from the new album are just incredible. (I share one track with you today!) Soon, the world will know the true measure of this band. BOH recently took the new album on tour. European audiences got the first taste and gave rave reviews.

Band of Horses played for huge audiences in Europe.
(pictured below: a show in France in August)

A great Rolling Stone profile on Band of Horses will appear in the October 18 issue. Included therein will be a most telling Q&A with Horses frontman Ben Bridwell - who has come to take on the indie-rock mantle these days singlehandedly with his songwriting and incredible voice. (His pitch and resonance have been compared favorably to that of a young Neil Young and My Morning Jacket frontman Jim James.) The Rolling Stone write-up by Jenny Eliscu places Band of Horses as the premiere position for indie rock at the end of 2007. (The October 18 article will be the mag's annual "Hot Issue." That's the kind of timing and PR you just can't buy!.) The Cease to Begin album hits store shelves on Oct 9th. It's worthwhile to mention that BOH and their label, Sub Pop, have worked out a retail deal with Target stores in the US to sell the album (for a limited time) for just $9.99.

The New album on Sub Pop: to be released on Oct 9

From the dreamy, iconic new Record: "Cease to Begin"
Band of Horses - Is There A Ghost

From the "Everything All the Time" album
Band of Horses - Weed Party

Band of Horses - Bass Song (unreleased demo from 2005)

Band of Horses cover the Rolling Stones!
Band of Horses - Waiting On a Friend


March2theSea said…
i need to mail order this cd..TODAY.
Ryan Spaulding said…
This week you can get the album for $10 from either Target or from Newbury Comics (use this coupon)


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