Moving Forward - The 1990s are Indie Rock Catalysts!

One of the first bands I ever wrote about as an blogger were a little-known group from Glasgow named the 1990s. They are a Franz Fedinand, Yummy Furs spin-off group - and with a kooky family tree like that - you know the fruit is ripe! Well, today - months after I first talked about the band (they had no material back then to share - I was really sticking my neck out!), the group have released their debut LP, "Cookies", and will be appearing this week in Boston.

The 1990s are the RSL Artist of the week!

The 1990s have one hot sound!
Live at the Middle East with Voxtrot (2007 Top 30)
this Saturday. (10/13/07) This stands to be one hot show!

The History of the 1990s - A look into Franz Ferdinand's past, the tale of the Yummy Furs and V-Twin! I knock on the door of the "Glasgow Sound!" This is the post I put up on August 1, 2006. This is Ryan's Smashing Life ground zero!

Time for Links - The 1990s:

Official / Myspace / World's Fair page (video, mp3s) / Immem page (links and store)

The Middle East -
Central Square, Cambridge

Voxtrot & 1990s tickets


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