A Brief Smile - FREE ALBUM DOWNLOAD! (Limited Time Offer - CMJ Special)

It's good to have artistic and generous friends. I got an email from New York's A Brief Smile yesterday reminding me to check out their CMJ Music Festival gigs and to offer all of you a limited time free album download. I was (again) a little irked that I am missing the East Coast's best music festival - but ecstatic about them offering you guys a free copy of 2007's "Now We All Have Horns" album!


A BRIEF SMILE, you are the bomb!

mp3 from the new album:
A Brief Smile - Big Sky

"Horns," which I already enjoy, is a full-length album - not a three-track EP or a couple of b-sides slapped togethr. This is the whole damn enchilada and it's the brand new record that the band is selling for $10 and you can probably buy it at your local retailer for $14.99... In other words, this kicks ass! Thank you very much ABS. It's great to have good friends!

And you - what are you doing? Download the thing and enjoy. This free offer will be toast once CMJ is over!

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A Brief Smile
Remaining CMJ Schedule:

Tonight Oct. 18: 9pm - Club Europa


Friday Oct. 19 - 2pm - the Delancey
(pop tarts suck toasted showcase)

A Brief Smile: Official Web / Myspace


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