Boston's Bang Camaro - Push Push (Lady Lightning) as seen on Guitar Hero 2

You need not be living in Boston these days to have heard of the completely out of control rock phenomenon known as Bang Camaro. The bay state guitar band started by rockers Bryn Bennett and Alex Necochea now has a rolling membership of as many as 20 members. (And I wouldn't even be kidding if I were to tell you that sometimes all of them show up all at once to play!) If that fact alone doesn't stop you in your tracks then the newfound commercial and public success of this indie metal super group should.

The band was recently joined on stage by a very drunk, singing and dancing Jimmy Fallon (of movie and SNL fame) and another recent gig had BC getting down with the guys from Orange County Choppers. A full page magazine ad with Bang Camaro recent pumped chewing gum. Then there are the television appearances... The list continues to grow.

Guitar Solo - a Bang Camaro show includes a lot of these:

That brings us up to date and Bang Camaro's inclusion on the Rock Band and Guitar Hero II video games. (You play the guitar and get graded on your results!) The game, designed by Cambridge's own Harmonix Music Systems, is probably one of the top ten sellers in the world these days. Here's a video of somebody kickin' ass on Bang Camaro's "Push Push (Lady Lightning)."

Kick Ass:

(download the song "Pleasure Pleasure" on the official page)



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