A victim of success, I suppose - but it doesn't soften the blow. The RSL download bandwidth has been exceeded (wow - you guys were hungry!) right in the middle of my top 30 Albums of the 2007 Countdown. What that means - a two day hiatus until I resume that list. (And 2 days until you guys can download and listen to all the old material I have up....) But the music will go on. I am using a temporary hosting service to get us through this little timeout. You can't stop the shinin'

Two Long, Rough Days Lie Ahead. Don't fret - there's still new music!

Today's fun track comes from Brazil. Cansei de ser sexy is a dance club phenomenon that first caught on at home then traveled to Europe to achieve cult status! The name Cansei de ser Sexy (C.S.S.) literally means "Tired of being sexy" in Portuguese!


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