And We're Back! Downloads Restored.

How is this for a great entrance?? If you had told me that I could have possibly gone over my incredibly high bandwidth limitations for this page not once but twice in the last few months I would have scoffed (I can be bit of a scoffer, you know...) Well, the limits have been restored and I am going to have to be a lot more careful with posting great material, live shows and top album lists... It's all a little embarrassing, really. Please take a look around and get back to what you were doing before The Man stepped in between us.

Now, this looks like one of those haunting, life-long memories....

Poor kid can see someone taking his picture.
What the hell was he doing sticking his head through the back of the chair?

Coming Up this week: Amongst other things - I finish off the top 30 albums of 2007 List (through September) - AKA the list that put my download bandwidth over the top. I introduce you to a new favorite band. I plug a few favorite acts at NYC's CMJ concerts (wish I could be there but I just couldn't make it!) An album review from overseas. And a hot concert for a great cause. The Ryan's Smashing Life Myspace page (*let's be friends) - or Mail me. Subscribe to the page.

Just in Case You're Interested:
Cobra Starship (NYC) on Myspace
the band has a new album:
"Viva La Cobra" set for an Oct 23rd release.


Anonymous said…
Nice to have you back!
And The Cobra Starship are awesome.
Greetings from Berlin

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