Acceptable in the 80s - Loving it In Boston

Don't know if you are abreast with the sporting news, but just in case you're not... The Red Sox are back in the World Series as of tonight. They just won game seven of the American League Championship Series. Not only is this totally kick ass - it's also great and wonderful and cool. If you have ever been to Boston you realize that the Red Sox are our religion here. Don't worry, I still love great music - I just wanted to celebrate for a minute or two. Let's celebrate together. Here is "Acceptable in the 80's by Calvin Harris (the hottest DJ in the UK right now.) And here's a totally awesome cover of that same song by the Editors. (*Thanks Brad!) It doesn't get any better than this - Especially in Boston!


Calvin Harris on the RSL
Editors on the RSL

It could just be coincidence, but it will hit 80 degrees today in Boston.


Anonymous said…
thanks for the editors :) saw them in liverpool, UK last week. bye

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