The 30 Best Albums of 2007 - The Big List

The 30 Greatest Albums of 2007
(Thru September*)

Each day this I share 5 Songs
from 5 of the best Albums!

The Top Ten albums of the Year will be showcased at the end!

The Series continues....

Animal Collective -
Strawberry Jam.

I was lucky enough to be there at ground zero - day one of the current Animal Collective tour which opened up here in Boston. This group grows on you fast - like the moss that grows on old food in dorm room fridges! Lots of people downloaded this one early when it became available as a leak on torrent pages. The band didn't bat an eyelash. They just told people to listen to the album straight through as it was intended. I agree.

Here's my writeup on the Animal Collective.
Animal Collective's new video: Peacebone is released
Animal Collective - Myspace

Arcade Fire -
Neon Bible.

There wasn't a band on the receiving end of more hype in 2007 than Arcade Fire. Their tremendous Neon Bible album made for some great listening. The group continues to grow and evolve on this record!

Ryan Adams interviews the Arcade Fire: Hot Q&A
Arcade Fire on Myspace

David Vandervelde -
Nothin' No EP.

In June, Chicagoan David Vandervelde released a truly remarkable EP that changed the way my ear was hearing music in 2007. Rich and full songs with a little bit of bar-room in them - this is a must have EP!

David Vandervelde: Nothin' No
David Vandervelde on Myspace

Tigers and Monkeys -
Loose Mouth.

This album rocks. I receive a lot of music in the mail each month but if a third of the records prove to be half as good as this one from New York's Tigers and Monkeys it would make things a hell of a lot easier for me. This CD literally came out of no where and has been in regular rotation at my house. Tigers and Monkey's Loose Mouth is a Top Record in 2007!

Tigers and Monkeys - Official
My plug of the Loose Mouth album: Review


I think you could've rank the AC Strawberry Jam a tad higher, still good list though. Keen to see your top 10 for this year :D
evan said…
Lily Allen was '06, I think. (At least mine was.) Great album, though.
Ryan Spaulding said…
Jeez - you're right! You are actually the second person to tell me that since I posted this! I should have known that. But it does make room for a band that got nudged out of the top thirty. This track and album will not appear in the final round-up. Good catch!

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