2007: the Best Albums - One Song at a Time!

The 30 Greatest Albums of 2007 (Thru September*)

Each day I share 5 Songs
from 5 of the best Albums!

The Top Ten albums of the Year will be showcased at the end!

The Series Begins....

Prints - the Prints EP.

I have to be honest - the self-titled Prints record is one of my favorite albums of the year but it found some pretty tough opposition and got pushed out of the top ten. Listen, download and then check these guys out!

Here's my writeup on Prints.
Prints on Myspace

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs -
the Is Is EP.

One of my favorite live bands, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs released the Is Is EP to hold their fans over until the next big release. A great little album and a tremendous band!

The YYYs official page
Hot Concert: The YYYs live in Australia!

Battles - Mirrored.

Battles have been classified as a "math rock band." The awesome Mirrors album is the first they have produced with a singer. Hopefully this is the beginning of great things to come!

Great Northern -
Trading Twilight for Daylight.

This is one of the most most positive/upbeat albums of the year! I had occasion to review this one way back - before it came out. Here's my review and the incredible music video for "Home." The video was created by Winch & Pulley (CWK, Irving, the Shins, They Might Be Giants) in Los Angeles and was one of my favorite music videos this year!

Wilco - Sky Blue Sky.

I am guilty of not loving this album perhaps as much as I should. Wilco are one of the most talented groups in the world. Sky Blue Sky is a lovely album. Here is Walken:

Wilco - Official
Wilco on wikipedia

The Top 30 of 2007
continues Tomorrow!

The Top Ten albums of the Year will be showcased at the end!


March2theSea said…
battles is a top 5 cd of the year for me easy....

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