Ode to the Opening Act - FAIR TO MIDLAND has made its name by being one of the best Supporting Bands in the Country!

When Fair to Midland takes the stage tonight in Boston, it will be in a familiar role - as opening band to a popular national act. The role brings its own set of challenges - shorter set times, smaller crowds - but the exposure level this year has been huge. And based on the talent level here... Well, I have to imagine that the roles will soon be reversed. Fair to Midland give Opening Acts a Good Name! Don't be late.

Rockin' the Stage Early in Boston tonight!

FTM photo by Isaac Flores

Fair to Midland
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At the Avalon tonight, Dallas' Fair to Midland brings their electric brand of progressive jam rock to town in support of Chevelle. (tickets) I probably won't be staying for the whole night, but you have better believe I will be there for FTM. Here is a completely amazing band on the rise and a rare chance to see a great band before the witching hour even comes to pass. Whether you are in Boston tonight or a future date along the tour - this one is a slam dunk, can't miss!

Fair to Midland are touring to support their new "Fables of a Mayfly" album. So far this year, they have opened up shows in the US and abroad for Chevelle, Smashing Pumpkins and Bury Your Dead - playing for crowds who have often been left scratching their heads - wondering exactly which band they had paid to see jam out live. Pretty damn electric!

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