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Today I introduce you to the multi-instrumentalist talent of Justin Stivers who is doing business as the Pet Ghost Project. He single-handedly put together the eleven-track Great Satisfactory album. Along the way, he recorded the vocals, bass, guitar, drums and brought it all together. There are unfinished portions on this record - it's not polished but let me tell you - "Talent swims along these Rocky Shores!" Perhaps the best part of The Pet Ghost Project is the way that he mixes ethereal vocals, his own guitar with tracks that rise and flow like the tide during a coastal storm.

Justin Stivers is the Pet Ghost Project!

Long Live DIY! (Somebody do us all a favor and get this guy a job, though!)


The Pet Ghost Project - Of God and Science

The song begins in a sonic hole - a cave in which only some sounds escape.
The listener is thrust out into the world: Into a universe of guitar, keys and vocals.
We are left wondering is this really the Pet Ghost Project?
Could easily be Syd Barrett's vocals or the instrumentation of the Flaming Lips.

Very Highly Recommended

The Pet Ghost Project - The Dog
Think Seventies folk guitar mated with the mind of Beck!
Highly Recommended


Anonymous said…
Very imperessive, thanks.

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