Guilty Pleasure - Michigan's Child Bite with "I Like Friends"

Enjoying the Times When I Spin My Wheels so long as the Music is Good:

Sometimes I put material up there because it's timely. Other times, I just want to play songs because it's good to have fun for just a little while. This is certainly the later of the two. It's late/early this morning and I am listening to Michigan's Child Bite while I prepare some work for the page later this week. I wrote about this band last in August when they spun their wheels through town - appearing in Cambridge at P.A.'s Lounge with local music genius Eldridge Rodriguez (who it appears just sent me an email today.... Better read it.) At any rate, I picked up the band's record that night and have been listening to it's frenetic grace - a kind of acrobatic approach to music. The song is "I Like Friends" and to be honest, who doesn't??!

Ultra Fun Diversion

"The Future isn't really that well dressed. And, it hurts my eyes!"


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