Tim Williams - A free performance Tomorrow in Cambridge!

WEEKEND CONCERT NOTES: FREE! - Dovecote recording artist Tim Williams will be appearing live at Lorem Ipsum Books in Cambridge's Inman Square on Sunday night at 8 pm. Tim is on the verge of releasing a full-length album called "When Work is Done." His creative songwriting definitely serves his singing voice and guitar. Just see for yourself - Tim Williams is the full package.

Brooklyn - A photograph taken by Tim Williams

Here is my exclusive interview with the talented Tim Williams from back in March of this year. At that time, Tim was supporting the release of his Merchant Heart EP and was working on the new record (release date is 10/2/07).

Mark Your Calendars:

Tim will return to Boston on Wednesday, Sept 19 to play a Ryan's Smashing Life presents....show at The Lily Pad in Cambridge.

Tim Williams will play at that gig with Ryan Lee Crosby & John Brazile. (It's a sensational line-up for just $5! Stay tuned - the poster should be available soon.)

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Lorem Ipsum - Cambridge
The Lily Pad - Cambridge
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