An End for Sound Team - Tribute to a Power House from Austin

It's with a heavy heart I relay the news that Austin's Sound Team has split apart. The band is one of my top ten current bands playing and I was sincerely hoping the long wait since they released the "Movie Monster" album meant they were set to release a new record... There really isn't much I can say that their music can't tell you.

SOUND TEAM are, sadly, No More.

Sound Team were always a group of talented individuals. It sounds cliche, but it was probably the music that held them together. A lot of bands work that way, actually. The differences, no matter how they manifest, comes out in tour vans, emerging during off-hours, and while the band waits for things to develop. It's a good thing when bands know when their time is up - especially if they have different dreams. But it is so sad that this particular band released only one full-length album and a couple of EPs. My in-depth interview (*Highly Recommended) with bassist Bill Baird (a music genius) and Jordan Johns (exceptional young drummer) stands as one of my favorite Q&As to date. You can also read what I have had to read and say about the band here and Baird, here. (There are others, but you get the idea.) If you are new to the band's material, do yourself a favor - go to their webpage and listen to their songs. Streaming versions of all the band's songs will remain up on the band's page, according to Baird. Run out to your neighborhood record store and buy a copy of Movie Monster before supplies run out (and they will!)

Good bye to an exceptional group and Best of Luck to each and every one of you!

A Ryan's Smashing Life Top Ten Album for 2006:

Do it for 'em one more time
Do it for 'em one more time, boys
Let's take 'em back to where we came from
Before we say GOODBYE.

Lyrics - "Your Eyes are Liars"


Bob spelled backwards said…
Jeez, I'm just now finding out about this nearly 3 years later, arrrrg! For the love of Zeus, reform, Sound Team, reform!

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