Are You Ready for the Heartache - Cause Here It Is

Remarkably fun and slightly addictive... Murder Mystery is every bit the product of our modern times - and that is a very good thing for listeners. Murder Mystery just released the enchanting "Are You Ready for the Heartache - Cause Here It Is" record which is awash with the sounds of influences both past and current. The tracks are proof positive that Frank Black, They Might Be Giants and the Talking Heads walk the Earth.

From the New York Indie Scene:
Murder Mystery

"Are You Ready for the Heartache - Cause Here It Is"

On "In A Sentimental Mood" and "What My Baby Said" the band begins on a meandering path towards a point at which frontman Jeremy Coleman's voice takes on Black's textured, ironic resonance. On "Love Astronaut," Jeremy's sister Laura Coleman (who is the drummer) squares up with her brother - formally sounding like anything early on in TMBG's career. Think the classic stuff: Lincoln, Flood, Apollo 18 or John Henry. Sweet! My favorite track (at this point - I have already changed my mind twice!) is "Tell Me I'm Your Man." It has such a street-walkin' early 1980s theme (before the decade would take on it's sometimes negative reputation.) As with many of the tracks, the vocals and drums are tempered - if not completely dissolve into a bit of Americana. Here the bass work of Adam Fels and guitar of Kevin Jaszek take over in what sounds like "late 1950s rockabilly/surf era swing" between the stanzas and verses.

The four-piece band doesn't break into any new territory on this record - but "Heartache" is fun as hell and a smashing success without forced artist abstraction. The music is a celebration of itself - something bands should realize has always worked and they should attempt more often. I definitely look forward to hearing what comes next.

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Murder Mystery
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