All in a Day's Work: Thoughts on Amy Winehouse, Jimmy Eat World and Idolator appears on Boston radio!

Just in case you missed it, the highly talented Amy Winehouse is an artist of the year candidate. That's the end of the good news. Unfortunately, Amy's conduct on both sides of the Atlantic have set her on the front page of the UK tabloids. First off, Winehouse and her new husband got into an argument last month which escalated into a near-brawl. (He was left with 2-inch-long talon marks across the neck and face.) Next are tales of her near fatal overdose of drugs. (We hear that rogue Pete Doherty was involved... Seriously.)

All this almost dying for "your art" is pretty damn ironic considering Winehouse's biggest song, "Rehab" centers on her refusal to quit those same hard drugs. Winehouse has officially taken over Courtney Love's old mantle: "most likely to die before the next tour." I don't think they'll put that one in the yearbook.

In other news, Jimmy Eat World's choice of artwork for the new album cover is drawing some sideways glances. The peacock feather was selected, evidently, for its stylistic similarities to a vagina. Those damn kids! (It doesn't help, either, that the album is titled "Chase This Light.") What will they think of next!?? I hope the album is decent.

The RSL has a soft spot in it's otherwise stony cold heart for the Idolator Blog. They have run my material from time to time and the pages are so addictive! I could spend a couple hours browsing! I was very interested to hear Idolator editor/blogger Maura chat it up with WFNX radio here in Boston! That's a nice little package. Hear what Maura had to say: On the Download Blog!


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