A New Record from Ryan Adams - "Follow the Lights" EP in October

Following close on the heels of Ryan Adams' incredible "Easy Tiger" 2007 album release, he will release "Follow the Lights" - a seven track EP record with The Cardinals next month.


The 7-Song EP to be released in October!

I am really looking forward to this! First off - two new songs and then a cover? Excellent. While possibly just a coincidence, the release of the new EP matches up with Easy Tiger's recent decline on the Billboard Charts. (I guess the release of the new EP would be an example of good economics and maintaining positive product placement.) Easy Tiger reached as high as #7 on the Billboard charts (Top 200). There is some evidence that there will be material on this record that Adams wanted on the solo album but his label but Lost Highway Records - objected to... presumably on the context they wanted to make money and were willing to repress some of the artist's creativity. This is what Adams said in an interview after Easy Tiger was released - and my review of the full-length album.

Track 1
Follow the Lights
(new song)

Track 2
My Love for You Is Real
(new song)

Track 3
Blue Hotel
(previously released by Willie Nelson on his last album. Written by Ryan Adams.
This one is recorded live in studio

Track 4
Dear John
(live in studio - previously recorded on Jacksonville City Nights)

Track 5
This is It
(Cardinals version, live in studio - previously record on Rock N Roll)

Track 6
Down in a Hole
(Alice In Chains cover, live in studio)

Track 7
If I Am a Stranger
(live in studio)

SNEAK PEEK of "Follow the Lights"

Ryan Adams and the Cardinals - Down In A Hole

(Alice in Chains cover live - Kingston, NY - May 16, 2007)

Ryan Adams and the Cardinals - Dear John
(album version)

Ryan Adams - This Is It
(album version)

Ryan Adams
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Anonymous said…
I believe that RA wrote Blue Hotel, but Willie Nelson performed it on Songbird. So theres only one cover on the EP.
Ryan Spaulding said…
Thank you. I believe you are correct and I have made the necessary changes. You can, of course, understand the confusion. Cheers!

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