A Mix for OJ Simpson - In Court Today for Armed Robbery

I'm not too keen on grandstanding or social and political commentary. I don't get caught up in the cult of celebrity - it's just not what I do. But, there are always exceptions. And I love to laugh. You might have been in a cave for the last few days, but otherwise I am pretty damn sure you now know that former NFL running back and accused murderer OJ Simpson is back in the news. Simpson, who was found libel for the murder of his ex-wife and her friend in Los Angeles, will appear in court again today - expected to enter a "not guilty" plea today for armed robbery and kidnapping charges stemming from incidents that occurred just last weekend. This should not surprise you.

Evidently, OJ hasn't had much luck finding his ex-wife's murderer (something he pledged to do after being freed from police custody years ago). That leaves a lot of time for golf and to get in trouble with the law. And he is in serious trouble. It looks like this time he has really done himself in. OJ stormed a hotel room where he was to meet with a memorabilia dealer with what police are describing as Simpson's "gun-toting golf buddies." Evidently Simpson has proven to be devious - but not very bright when it comes to his allies. He was egged on by a friend to stand up for himself and to crash the party, so to speak. OJ was evidently upset about "stolen" OJ Simpson and Joe Montana merchandise he was peddling. One would wonder why OJ would care so much - since two out of every three dollars he makes goes to the family of his reported victims. (Again, the weirdness is he is still on the street.) There is a new theory that OJ has off-shore banking accounts and that he is funneling these memorabilia sales into these banks where the victims' families cannot touch the money.

To make the story even more interesting (in a prurient kind of way) - OJ's pal recorded the whole thing as they busted into the room together. (Wow - with friends like that, who needs enemies!) The recording completely blows Simpson's early statement - "What Guns?"(and essentially his defense - unless he can somehow find another Johnnie Cochran.) Authorities listened to the remarkably clear recording where Simpson is commanding the men in the room to keep their hands up - maybe he is just really scary in person and no gun was needed. Actually - that probably is the case. I respect that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. I'll just hold my breath.

Yep, You Got Me

I put together an OJ Simpson mix last night for 'The Juice's" latest adventure.
It's good to laugh. Enjoy.


Ryan Spaulding said…
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Anonymous said…
O.J. Simpson was called to the hotel room by a man, later identified as Thomas Riccio, so that he could recover personal items that had been stolen from him years ago.
At the same times Riccio called another man to report to him that he had a buyer for hot OJ merchandise. The two were to meet in a hotel room.
Riccio finds OJ and takes him to the room where OJ and his entourage see items see personal items he has searched for years.
When he exploded and demanded their return Riccio recorded the exchange then sold it to a website.
One of OJ's body guards carried a weapon.
Riccio has history of running shady deals, selling stolen merchandise, arson, theft and prison escape. See this website: http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/years/2007/0918072riccio1.html
In this incident, not the Brown murder incident, OJ does not appear to be a burgler, kidnapper, or armed robber.
Strangely, the man who set it all up has been given immunity.
Anonymous said…
It'll be sad but I bet that O.J. Simpson will kill himself after he gets to Florida. He's completly screwedthe tape and audio....he's caught unless Cochran is resurrected.

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