A Collection of Angry Songs for Stressful Days!

Back By Popular Demand - As a new series.... Blow Off Some Steam!!!

Editor's Prologue:
Regular readers know I am upbeat and positive pretty much every day but everybody gets upset, stressed out and angry when put under the right circumstances. I last posted an angry song selection back in January and it was VERY POPULAR. So popular in fact, it was a little scary. Here we go again...

We all have our limits.
Damn this feels good - Angry Songs for Stressful Days!

Shut Up by artist "Niagra"

Computer Problems

Traffic Snarls

Speeding Violations - Parking Tickets

Passive Aggressive Co-Workers

Idiots and Imbeciles

Unfair Expectations and Deadlines

Late Fees, Taxes and Penalties

Constant Volume, Stress and Nastiness

Collection Calls, Debt and Minimum Payments

Fuck You Larry Koesche, I hope you Starve and Die Someday - The Broadways

Just like there will be more stressful days in our lives, there will be more tracks in the Angry Song Collection! Any suggestions are welcome!


Anonymous said…
Links are down :(.
Ryan Spaulding said…
The host service is down temporarily. Please return back later!

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