Today's Cover Story - Of Montreal Does It Right

Of Montreal is a Athens, GA band and one with growing prominence on the national scene. Kevin Barnes and company truly belongs to the pantheon of great American independent rock bands now. A quick rundown of the band's utterly bizarre album and song titles would tend to make one think that Kevin and the band don't want you to follow them too closely. And what about those quirky stage performances (some involving Barnes in bizarre dresses and a few - with nothing at all?!) The makings of legend, as I see it. I caught the band in Boston last time through and am happy to report that Of Montreal will appear again in this fair city on October 12, over at the Roxy... (Great venue for this band!) A live performance ensures you will have stories to tell and you might just see a great cover song. Kevin Barnes don't just cover anyones's music or just any old song.... Check these out!

Of Montreal's Music Genius - Kevin Barnes

A Great Collection of Of Montreal cover songs!


Anonymous said…
Got my tickets a few weeks ago and I cannot wait. Thanks for the songs. They're great!

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