The Bob Dylan update (reloaded must-have material)

I am running behind today, but I wanted you all to know that I have reloaded the amazing Bob Dylan performance interview with Studs Terkel from 1963. This is a masterful recording of soundboard quality as it was recorded by the world's most skilled radio technicians (WFMT Chicago) at the apex of old radio. I consider this to be the best Bob Dylan recording in my collection and I want it to be the best in yours as well! This material is back up on request and will be up for at least for a week. If you have trouble downloading, come back in a few hours or drop me a line. This stuff is always in high demand! If anyone wants to make a contribution to my Dylan live show collection, please drop me a line. Much appreciated!

Never A Pawn in Anyone's Game

Dylan in Woodstock, NY 1964


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