My Interview on New Zealand Radio - 95bFM's Live Wire

Ahh.... my first radio interview. This aired and is available streaming on 95bFM - the best independent rock and new music station in all of New Zealand and Australia. Yep, seriously!! Now, please listen but be patient. I stammer a bit through the beginning, but I was nervous. My points are still good. More to come!

Ryan of the RSL by Eldorado Rampage

Now on to the interview. It was recorded over the phone with a 16-hour time difference. We spoke for much longer than we planned and only a portion was used. We actually spoke about a number of issues - Jose focused this time on the album leak aspect for this particular segment.I say "this time" because the record station already contacted me because management is interested in doing more segments with me.

The interview as it appears on the 95bFM Live Wire page.
(listen on the radio page, it's faster and cleaner!)

Article on the RSL Weblog

The Ryan's Smashing Life myspace page


Anonymous said…
hi Ryan listen to your radio interview and i thought it was really good, very informative, clear speaking and very interesting. keep up the good work. Angelangel

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