Modest Mouse's new video - Senational Creativity from Tech Savy Indie Rock fans

Just in case you missed it, Modest Mouse just selected a winner for their music video director contest. The new video is here today! The band took all kinds of raw footage of them playing in front of a green screen for their new single "Missed the Boat" from the We Were Already Dead Before the Ship Even Sank album. Then they opened the flood gates - offering the raw footage to any perspective director or team that wanted to make the band's next video. The winner was to receive a kickin' Sony HD video camera, a brand new iMac and have your work seen by the world!

Let me tell you - the fan videos are pretty damn impressive! There are some creative people out there! (Slackers - hide your heads in shame!) Check out a pair of these ffor you - including the contest winner. Which video do you like best?


Announces the winner of the "Missed The Boat" Video Contest

Man, I think this one is my favorite!
It's Hard to believe it didn't win!

The Contest Winner was....

"Walter the Robot"

Modest Mouse - Missed the Boat
The song that sparked the contest!

All the Video Contest Finalists
Apple Quicktime video page

Check out the New Digs:
Modest Mouse's new webpage


Anonymous said…
the one with the robot is more captivating, you want to see how it ends. the director didn't even need much of the band footage due to his funny story. the first one is more artsyfartsy, maybe with more style but in the end a bit boring.
Ryan Spaulding said…
I think you are absolutely correct - the robot video tells a better story... and it was selected as the winner - so there is that. But style is more important to me and I would have selected the first video. The emails on this one have been pretty much split so far.

The real winner here is Modest Mouse.

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