Look Out Boston! It's "Oh No! Oh My!"

One of the most fun American bands of the last half decade appears tonight in Boston. Well, at T.T. the Bears in Cambridge's Central Square - to be exact. The Austin group have one hell of an interesting sound, embracing several styles and not compromising any. It's hard - on a single listen, to say exactly what Oh No! Oh My! (Dim Mak records artist) is supposed to be - or even what their intent is on any given night. The band has a penchant for capturing the heart of independent rock - no matter what name they are traveling under these days.

You see, this Austin indie band (which incorporates just about everything from folk ballads, sing-songy classic pop rock to electronica) started making really fun and innovative songs under the nom de guerre "The Jolly Rogers" in Nashville some time ago. Realizing that a relocation (school obligations figuring prominently) was of a sound idea, a re-invention of sorts occurred in Texas - Austin to be exact.

Fans of "The Jolly Rogers" should rejoice however, as the band has just re-released fresh versions of their old material under the Oh No! Oh My! name. (Check your local indie music stores, on line and in concert for the EP titled: "Between the Devil and Sea!")

Catch the band on this tour and listen for really fun songs like," Walk in the Park, Fell In Love with A Zombie, I Love You All the Time, I Have No Sister, and Jane is Fat." Man this band is great!

Appearing Tonight!

Oh No! Oh My!
highly recommended fun

Oh No! Oh My! - I Love You All the Time
Oh No! Oh My! - Walk in the Park

The Jolly Rogers - A Pirate's Anthem
Antenna Shoes - Open Arms

(Oh No! Oh My! side project)

Oh No! Oh My! will appear tonight with Au Revoir Simone at T.T. the Bears in Cambridge. This is a great bill, so get there early. If you want to read what I have written about Au Revoir Simone this year, click here!

Oh No! Oh My!

Antenna Shoes


Anonymous said…
I love these guys, have been listening to them for awhile. great post.

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