Letters and Colours Disband - One of England's best Indie Rock Collectives Shuts it Down

I sent an email to Letters and Colours yesterday asking Gerry Miller if it was true. He's the talented singer and guitarist for Sheffield's greatest band and one of the best unsigned indie rock groups going in England. I had to confirm it for myself - and Gerry, who writes for this blog from time to time, got right back to me. He confirmed my fears - Letters + Colours have (at least for now) called it quits. Man, this stinks. This is one of my favorite bands in the world....


Letters + Colours were the UK's version of the National.
Probably even better.

In his note to me, Gerry Miller explained the band needed a break and it was time. The band was just about to release a new single when they stopped to consider their options. "the thought of three months of administrative tasks in terms of myspace promotional work, chasing up magazine, fanzine and radio contacts and the rest of it...," said Miller. "It just seemed very distant. I think we're all eager to take some time to just listen to some music, read more, take in some art and see some films." Miller said he will continue to work on solo material and would like to continue submitting material to this webpage. I would be glad to have it. I wish everyone in the band luck and hope that someday they record together again if that is possible.

Letters + Colours Side/Solo Projects:
Gerry Miller
David Jaques


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