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Dynamic and powered by old-school soul, dirty fuzz guitar rock and a passion for divinity through music... is modern American legend Cody ChesnuTT. While still not known to the general public - he is a favorite of many contemporary musicians and a source of inspiration.


- The great Cody ChesnuTT -
In 2002, Chesnutt released a highly recommended double-length LP called "The Headphone Masterpiece." While the record received little promotion and hype and was consequently not well received by the general public - the music world was listening. Later that year, The Roots remade ChesnuTT's song, "The Seed," *(with CC appearing on the recording) and his genius was thrust before a new generation and audience of listeners. Chesnutt's last major public music appearance was in David Chapelle's documentary: " Block Party."

In 2006, Chesnutt released a group of stories in song called, "The Live Release." He remains unsigned to any music label.


A resident of the south (at times taking up residence in Georgia and Florida) and raised of Jamaican parents, ChesnuTT is a mish-mash of musical and cultural influences. That background lives large in his recorded performances. A soldier standing on the frontiers of soul, funk, African beats, guitar rock and gospel - Chesnutt is his own man. Truly exciting stuff!

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evan said…
Headphone Masterpiece was a little bloated, but a pretty good release. Haven't heard from cody since. The Seed is good, but lots of other stuff on that album is even better.
Anonymous said…
The Roots version is much stronger in my opinion. You should post that one...yea, thats the ticket :).
Ryan Spaulding said…
I very much like the Roots version of the song - which features Cody ChesnuTT, but there is little need to post it because it is widely available. Most people can probably run out to their local record store and pick up a discount copy in the used bin. Cody ChesnuTT is definitely harder to find and well deserving of the love!

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