BRAND NEW MUSIC - Slip into another state of mind with PRINTS!

The sweet, sweeping sound of eclectic progression, the power of voice and the mixing that brings it all home - - Welcome to the world of PRINTS. This is a brand new endeavor for the indie-rock duo of Kenseth Thibideau and Zac Nelson. Prints is so damn new that their first song (on their self-entitled eight-track album) won't be appearing in record stores until October. I urge you to launch yourself out there and pick it up! Kenseth Thibideau has hit gold here. He also just happens to be in one of the most criminally underrated bands going in San Diego's Sleeping People. Zac Nelson might be known to some indie rock radio aficionados from his work with Who's Your Favorite Son God.

The Freshest New Music: PRINTS

Nelson and Thibideau - You can get lost in these tracks!
The duo's majestic self-titled release will be in stores in October

Probably the most fitting way to describe Prints is that the music isn't at all what it seems at any given time. Layered and largely without flaw, these songs grow on you with each listening. (I have been listening to this album for about four hours today!!) The beats climb and fall and before you know it, the album has started playing over again. Time stands still and you are still in the same room - just in a different place. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

You Heard it Here First:
Prints - Easy Magic

Prints is an Artist on Temporary Residence


Anonymous said…
not bad, shins-esque - thanks

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