Bourne Again - Matt Damon's Super Spy returns in the Bourne Ultimatum

I really cannot resist well-written action adventure movie plots and well-crafted spy stories. I realize the reason for this is that I want to enjoy the stunts and destruction but I am smart enough to get distracted when the lazy director takes advantage of the movie's genre and dumbs it down. With the Bourne Ultimatum - I have no fears about quality as the film is directed by Paul Greengrass and adapted from a novel by Robert Ludlum. The strength of the series (this is the third Jason Bourne) is pretty much believable throughout. One little detail that adds to the realism: there are no good guys or bad guys. There are soldiers to various degrees and the oblivious, innocent people of many nationalities caught in-between their clashes.

The Bourne Ultimatum hits US theaters today

Extreme Ways

As a trained, amnesiac hitman for the CIA, Bourne is the unusual protagonist in this series. He simply wants to be free of it - but they won't stop hunting him: There are some of want for the past to remain a distant memory. He has already pieced together enough of his past to uncover that he was once a focused killing machine. The stage is set...

The Trailer:

From the Last Jason Bourne film:
Paul Oakenfold - Ready, Steady, Go


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