Boston Gets Kevin Garnett! Boston Gets Eric Gagne!

Only my friends and family know that I am a sports nut as much as I am a music fanatic. Yesterday's news here in Boston made me very happy. In case you didn't hear the Red Sox traded for 2003 Cy Young Award Winner Eric Gagne - the best relief pitcher on the open market just before the trade deadline closed. He's a great pitcher and will help us win another world championship this year. Pitching wins championships and it's hard to believe we didn't give ourselves a strong chance with this move! It could be 2004 all over again. Man, I hope so.

The Celtics did the absolutely unthinkable (forgo their future with a youth movement) and I am so glad they did. The team has been mired in stink the last four years but has stunk (really) since 1988. I still go to the games and buy the expensive seats from time to time when I can afford to do so. Between crappy Bruins hockey and worse Celtics basketball.... the sporting world in New England pretty much shut down at the end of the Patriots season each year. Then it's a long wait until Red Sox spring training. But not this year! Yesterday the Celtics traded for one of the best players in the world - Kevin Garnett, a 6' 11" monstrosity of a basketball player. The 2004 league MVP! A perimeter shooter with size, meaning he can drive to the hoop! And we have him for three years. We will have Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett on the court together.

Wow. It will be fun to watch. If you don't like sports - please forgive me for this little post in celebration.... There aren't many days like this in Boston.


Anonymous said…
Thank you SO MUCH! I've been looking for this mp3 everywhere and I keep getting fucking LIVES! I could kiss you!

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