Benzos Branches Out, Gets Good - Hits Boston!

Appearing in Boston tonight are Benzos - a highly recommended Brooklyn band with a deep, deep sound. I listened to their new album, "Branches" back-to-back a couple days ago and find myself getting lost between the notes. Here are songs like waves that can teach you to swim or sweep you away in the night! The four-piece band has a very interesting sound. At times they sound the better part dark soul with clear elements of hard rock, but undercutting it all is excellent use of keyboards, drums and bass (think "Radiohead-loss-of-your-mind" good) - rounding out the stagework.

BENZOS Plays the Middle East in Cambridge!

The Brooklyn Band with the big sound is Artist of the Day

This work makes me think about some of what the Deftones have done over the years - but to be honest, I like Christian Celaya and Brian Joyce's voices (Benzos) better than that of the Deftones' Chino Moreno! Generally speaking, there are other bands out there making the type of music that Benzos have produced on the "Branches" album - but just not as well. An unexpected treat and a highly recommended album!

Branches is the new album

Benzos plays the Middle East Upstairs tonight appearing with Foreign Islands and the Unstoppable Black Clouds. (This is a Great line-up.)

Benzos are on Stinky Records.
This is a brand new record this month!

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