Artist of the Week - The Dangerously Good Sound of Foreign Islands

To be perfectly honest - I'm not sure if I bought Mark Ryan, frontman of Brooklyn, NY's Foreign Islands the first drink - or he got one for me. Either way, we had a great time knocking back a few and laughing it up after the band's set (more than a week ago at the Middle East in Cambridge.) I had heard excellent reviews about the band from their SxSW performances, but had never had the chance to see them take the stage before. The band rocked out and I was seriously impressed.

As it turns out, Mark and I had a lot in common. We actually jawed on for some time about popular musicians and bands we don't like, which is pretty funny because I think the fair analysis is that we're both pretty positive people. Mark gave me a copy of "Restart Now" - their new release to listen to -- it's been getting heavy rotation ever since. It's a powerful, beat driven rock affair - great for your summer activities, whatever they might be. As for the band, catch them on tour real soon. I predict big things!

Foreign Islands - Dangerously Good

Singer Mark Ryan (at left) is one fun dude.
Foreign Islands brings the noise!

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