Animal Collective: the Peacebone Video - The new album in just days

It's an wild world out there! No one knows that better than New York/Baltimore experimental folk/ progressive indie rockers Animal Collective. Set to finally release their powerful new album; "Strawberry Jam," on September 10. (Domino Records) The first video from the album was just released. "Peacebone"is a track Animal Collective has been playing live for more than two years and have honed to a polish - highly recommended stuff.

"Peacebone" Video Premiere this Week!

From the Strawberry Jam album (September 2007)

Download the song!
Animal Collective - Peacebone
(Track One from the new album)

DID YOU KNOW? - The "Strawberry Jam" album has been completely leaked on the internet in peer-to-peer file sharing following torrent rips being placed on the net by music "journalists" earlier this year. Animal Collective has not spoken out critically against the leaks, just stating (repeatedly) that the album should be listened to as a whole, straight through.

The band has some time off until
Wednesday, September 5 at the Avalon Boston
Tickets: ALL AGES - Only $16 (plus fees)

Wednesday, Sept 5 - Animal Collective at the Avalon!
Animal Collective kicks off their new tour in Boston

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March2theSea said…
big fan of this band..can't wait for this cd.

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