Van Morrison's Greatest Hits Volume III

Rounding out the modern leg (1993 - 2005) of Van Morrison's decorated musical career is the Greatest Hits Volume 3 collection. It's a 31-track, 2-disc set now available in stores. Hits 3 is a successful blend of more recent songs and deftly re-told classics (an example - the absolutely can't miss version of "Gloria" with John Lee Hooker!) In fact, the strength of the album is the duets and rare live performances from later in Van Morrison's career. The fact that Morrison can command performances with James Hunter, the Chieftains, Carl Perkins, Tom Jones and BB King (amongst others) underscores the talent level and respect Morrison has amassed over the years. If you enjoyed the later works of the great Johnny Cash (another international music giant!) - chances are you will smile on this new release as well! Recommended music.

Van Morrison's Greatness Revisited:
Vol. 3 is a deft collection.

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evan said…
i thought this album was a big disappointment. van is really phoning it in these days. and i've seen him live at least half a dozen times.

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