The White Stripes - Icky Thump Carnival comes to Boston!

I went to bed last night thinking mistakenly thinking that Tuesday was the 23rd - I woke up realizing that the White Stripes were playing in Boston tonight! I am very excited to see the band play live for the very fist time. (If you want a precursor to the show - check out some clips from the W.S. video "Live under Blackpool Lights" - that will get you warmed up!) The Carnival that is the White Stripes comes to Boston tonight at Boston University's Agganis Arena. The duo of Jack and Meg White are on the road in support of their sensational "Icky Thump" album. It's just another chance for rock genius Jack White to show his chops!


The White Stripes by Leibovitz

My review of "The Icky Thump"
Download the complete W.S. concert at the London Forum - 2001


March2theSea said…
they are decent live..they pretty much machine gun it out..meaning before you even know it they will be 12+ songs in to their set. have fun!
Rick said…
I love the stripes and have seen them five times. Along with the amazing vibe and energy for me, is a profound let down at the length of the show. Sixty minutes of music ?? Most bar bands will crank it out longer than that. It is a poor choice on there part to short change an audiance. B.b king plays longer sets and the guy is a hundred years old.
Ryan Spaulding said…
I just got back from the show tonight and I can't say as I completely disagree with you. The pair went on stage at about 8:45 pm and the show was over at 10:00 - which included a five to six minute break.

All I can assume is that they have made a conscious decision to play with the intensity that allows them to sound the way they sound and provide the show the kind of insane splash they want - but doing this - they know they sacrifice the length.

Even at an hour to an hour and twenty minutes - I don't know how they play they way they do. It's insane!

I guess this is just one of those things that fans will have to endure. It's not such a hardship though, to partake of such an event and still get home on a reasonable hour on a work night!

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