The Strong and Influential Voice of Women - Songs by Nina Simone and Amy Winehouse

The magic of technology... I listened to a mix randomly selected from my laptop today; lo-and-behold, it laid these two tracks back to back. I give you Nina Simone and Amy Winehouse. Listen to both of these... Enjoy the songs - they're both sensational, and tell me it was a mistake! Sometimes music and life can prove to be even more beautiful than we believe they can be!
Nina Simone


Anonymous said…
What a voice,wow...what a voice.Wonderful.
Anonymous said…
Great post. I was just talking with someone over the weekend about who she reminded us of the most. We were going through a whole list of people and Nina Simone didn't come to mind at all. Drat!

I was very happy I got to see Nina Simone at the Harborlights back around 2000-2001. She was a little unstable on stage, but it was an awesome experience.

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