Ryan Adams interviews the Arcade Fire!

I look beyond the cover story of this month's particularly strong Interview magazine (August Issue: White Stripes cover!) reveals one hell of an exchange between Ryan Adams and the Arcade Fire. Adams has appeared here before, but never as the interviewer and we see him here as the hipster fan who is eager to find out more about the band whose new album, "Neon Bible" he loves. Turnabout is fair play!



Here are is an excerpt of the piece - very conversational:

Ryan Adams: Did you guys have it in mind to record Neon Bible outside of a regular recording studio before you made the album, or was making it in the church a happy accident?

Win Butler of Arcade Fire: It was definitely a bit of a happy accident. Once we found the space, it became clear that it would be a great place to make a record.

Ryan Adams: The acoustics are unreal too.

Jeremy Gara of Arcade Fire: They were actually a bit nightmarish at first because of the reverb. You would hit a snare drum and it wouldn't stop ringing for 10 seconds. But we made some adjustments. I'm sure on paper the acoustics were not the industry-standard ideal, but recording the album there was more about capturing the feeling of being in a room.

From the new album "Neon Bible"
Arcade Fire - Intervention

Second Source
Arcade Fire - Intervention

In addition to offering up the White Stripes and Arcade Fire, the August issue of Interview also invites readers into the lives of Amy Winehouse and Cat Power. It's on store shelves now.


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