Rave On! Tigers and Monkeys release Loose Mouth - An Album of Summer Heat from NYC

I have been sitting on Tigers and Monkey's new release "Loose Mouth" for a long time now. I pop it in periodically, enjoy the hell out of it and then put it away for a little while. Why haven't I written it up for you?

Well the damn thing wasn't even available until now - so here goes.... Tigers and Monkeys are an exciting five-piece heralding from Gotham. The best thing about the band is perhaps the droning tone of their tracks - honestly, think a mix between the Velvet Undergound, the Pixies and about twelve other modern bands. Basically, like everybody - the band descends from somewhere. Tigers and Monkeys have a place and a time and it's here and now. I can't think of better songs for suffering with through the summer heat. Recommended listening!


Ryan's Smashing Life
BEST of 2007

Tigers and Monkeys - Rave On

From the "Loose Mouth" album


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