Keep Off the Grass - Blog Radio 27 (A Midnight Mix)

BLOG RADIO 27 - A Midnight Mix

But Listen to the Songs

Dublin's Angel Pier released a really great EP titled "Bullet Holes & Broken Sectors." I lost my copy for a long time but recently found it amidst some junk in a drawer. It was like finding a miner finding a small bit of gold. The song I have included here is "Sprites." Find out more about the band on their myspace page.

To be fair, Citizens Here and Abroad are probably one of the most underrated independent rock bands in the entire country. The San Francisco four-piece make songs that fill spaces and can sing in harmony. They also released one hell of an EP last year with "Waving, Not Drowning." Add it to your collection and visit them over on myspace. Great tunes!

Wolf Parade is so good I wrote an entire blog about how they are changing the nature of indie rock. You can read The Importance of Being Wolf - The Growing Influence of Krug and Broeckner's WOLF PARADE or you can just visit the band's myspace page to check out the goings on there. If you don't have the "Apologies to the Queen Mary" album sneak over to the local record store and pick it up before some indie hipster gives you grief.

This is the first ever time that Thailand has appeared on this blog and it's about time! A Los Angeles three-piece with a rather unique sound. Check out their Motorcade album on their myspace page. Recommended Music!

It's an absolute crime that the masses do not know about Boston's E.R. The man - a mainstay on Midriff Records, is just incredible. Listen to this track: "Why I Fear The Ocean," and figure out for yourself why Rodriguez's "This Conspiracy Against Us" album is one of my favorites of 2007. Here's the link to my review of the record - or take a minute and visit E.R. on myspace.

New readers will see a theme with time. I love Morphine. The band died with the passing of Mark Sandman, but the music lives on. There has never been an American band so unique in sound and spirit. The track, "Let's Take A Trip Together" comes off the "Cure for Pain" album. Visit the unofficial myspace page for Morphine and learn about the most important Boston/Cambridge band.

Baltimore's Animal Collective is the amazingly talented, freakishly different band you probably were afraid to like. I have chosen to share "Grass" - the retreaded super-classic from the band... But the song is just so good. Imagine what it would sound like if elephants were marching by you, but they were magic elephants and they barely touched the ground... If the birds made music while the flew by and crickets really sang? Animal Collective are four guys with weird band names who make amazing psychedelic prog folk... Yeah - just really different and really good! More A.C. on myspace.

What is Blog Radio? This collection celebrates my musical tastes, gives me a chance to dust off some old classics and slip in some new artists who might otherwise not get proper exposure. A new installment is released once each week to ten days. Today's post is a commemoration of staying up late, using your imagination and sometimes breaking out and being free! Ryan


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