Falling in Love with The Red Romance - New Music!

Fresh off tour with The Killers comes an unsigned New York band that shares a lot musically with their benefactors. (Think a cross between The Killers with The Smiths and maybe you begin to get close to the sound of The Red Romance!) These are complimentary comparisons but well earned based on the band's 4-Track EP which arrived in the mail this week - just in time for the band's live performance this Friday at the Paradise. Based on what I am hearing, getting over to this show is a very good idea.


The Red Romance

The Red Romance (from left): Darren Beckett (drums - former Ambulance LTD), Herschel Gaer (guitar), Matt Dublin (guitars & vocals - former Ambulance LTD) and Adam Chilenski (bass). The four-piece band will soon be returning to the studio to record their first full-length album.

The Red Romance: Web / Myspace


Anonymous said…
Saw these guys open up for The Killers at MSG, they killed it! They have really great tunes and a lot of energy on stage, I'm definitely going to check them out in Boston.
Anonymous said…
agree with you 'anonymous' awesome potential for this band... thanks for the post rsl!
Anonymous said…
Checking them out tonight in DC, where they've generated a good buzz.
Ryan Spaulding said…
Definitely let me know what you think. Please give my regards to the band! - Ry
Anonymous said…
ok these guys are amazing.
so how come its impossible to find there lyrics?!
Anonymous said…
They ARE amazing and I'm glad to see they will record their first album b/c I can't seem to access their store. And yeah, lyrics are impossible to find.

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