Blog Radio 26.0 - An Empty Earth, A Silent Future


A new collection of songs that help to tell a story:
An Empty Earth, A Silent Future

Today's selection of songs are served up on a table for one. Picture yourself waking up one day and all the people in the whole world are just gone. Everyone's gone missing - and oddly, you can't seem to remember why.

The Bravery - This is Not the End
* From the brand new Bravery album "The Sun and the Moon"

Wilco - Alone
* A demo version taken from Wilco's "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot" album outtakes.

Remy Zero - Belong
* Remy Zero recorded live in Houston, TX.

The End of the World - Crowded Rooms
* From the End of the World record, "You're Making It Come Alive."

David Bowie - A Better Future
* This David Bowie song first appeared on the "Heathen" album in 2002.

Aaron English - Like Smoke
* From the incredible Aaron English album "The Marriage of the Sun and the Moon" (2007)

Explosions in the Sky - Welcome Ghosts
* From the 2007 Explosions in the Sky record, "All of A Sudden I Miss Everyone"

Bill Baird - Has the End of the World Already Happened?
*Bill Baird is the bassist for Austin's Sound Team. This song came from his solo, self-released "Sunset" album which emerged last year.

What is Blog Radio? This collection celebrates my musical tastes, gives me a chance to dust off some old classics and slip in some new artists who might otherwise not get proper exposure. A new installment is released once each week to ten days. I've gone back to writing creatively again - after taking six long years off. So expect a great deal more from the playlists moving forward! - Ryan


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