A Deadly New Record from Theo and the Skyscrapers

In two days the world will know just how deadly Theo Kogan - lead singer of Theo and the Skyscrapers can be. The band's second full-length album "SO MANY WAYS TO DIE," hits store shelves this week proving their 2006 debut was no fluke. I am predicting big things and a strong tour (coast-to-coast) and the material sounds great!

Kogan is one of the premiere woman of rock. Attending a live show is a must! This woman has magical control and stage prowess. Theo is the legendary songstress behind the Lunachicks - an all-girl band that rocked stages in ways unimaginable. That was until I saw the Skyscrapers play live last year. Wooo-weee! There is heat in the kitchen!

The Skyscrapers - Theo Kogan's band releases a great sophomore album

After leaving the Lunachicks Kogan teamed up with guitarist Sean Pierce (former Toilet Boys) and drummer Chris Kling to form the Skyscrapers (there is no one in the band shorter than 6'5" tall. No joke!) - When Kogan (tall, blanched hair and tattoo-sleeved arms) walks into the room she definitely makes an impression!)

"So Many Ways to Die" is a 12-track album with a duality theme. The songs are about beauty and death; vitality and decay; sensuality and destruction. The publicity shots for this album even have the musicians (healthy looking and clean) showcasing fresh wounds - as if there was a recent battle - or worse; they might be at death's door. These are themes perfect for this band and their sound. Highly recommended listening! Get your ass out this week and pick up this rocking summer fare.

There are no Boston-area dates announced as of yet.
Live dates, albums & free tour posters are available for download at Theo Kogan's myspace - (X)


Anonymous said…
where can I download this album?
Ryan Spaulding said…
Here's the Theo & Skyscrapers store.

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