Sunday Session with Devendra Banhart

- Devendra Banhart -
Prince of Psych Folk

What do you know about Devendra Banhart? A peaceful heart but fiercely talented... He is a singer and songwriter, trained in multiple instruments and disciplines... He's a prolific performer and producer. Devendra is the crown prince of this new breed of "psych folk." Where does such a sound come from? Born in Texas but raised in Venezuela*, the man is a world class talent!

What follows is the Devendra Banhart "White Sessions" - a live recording from Paris in September 2004. It's a pretty good indicator of the things to come. The power of these sessions is wonderful while the voice and guitar keep everything very easy on the ears. It's a perfect listen for a Sunday. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

* Devendra's songs are often biographical in nature. The theme about leaving one's place for Venezuela (a home he had never been to as a boy) appears repeatedly. Most songs are supremely human in that emotion seeps into the songs - empowering the lyrics.

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Anonymous said…
i love him !!
good job 4 your blog, it's great !

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