The SnowLeopards - Boston Band is Artist of the Week

I finally got around to ordering my copy of the SnowLeopards "Debut" album. In-between kicking myself for not doing it sooner, I have been REALLY enjoying the songs. The record is a 2007 release and a must have.


the SnowLeopards

At the core of the band is Heidi Lee (vocals and guitars) and Mike Oor (lead guitars). Jimmy Jax (bass) and Jeff Harrington (drums) were added in this latest incarnation of the band and rock out hard on the album. I suppose what I like best about the SnowLeopards (besides that they are from Boston and that they technically very good) is that there's grittiness to their songs that I suppose I did not expect. This album is a celebration in guitar and in the fuzz sound. The album was produced and mixed in part by Bleu, who also lent a hand with guitars, keyboards and percussion. This one is a winner and I am a fan.

the SnowLeopards: myspace

*you can pick-up their album for a low-low rate through PayPal


Anonymous said…
This is nice. Kinda borders on 80's heavy metal, but there's nothing wrong with that. Unless my laptop speakers are really shit (and they are), the vocals on the second song sound like the singer from Rush.

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