Las Vegas Rock - The Best of The Killers isn't a Pop Song

I will be the first to admit that I am not a loyal fan of Nevada-natives The Killers. (Today is the first ever mention here on this page!) Without sounding like too much of a snob - I find their sound too mainstream for my tastes. (not hard or indie enough!) Oh, but there are hooks in some of the songs, however.

Today, I give you the very best song the band has released to date - "Uncle Johnny" from their Sam's Town album. It's one of my favorite songs released in the last year!... (funny how that works out, eh?) The song rocks - but is not, as they say, "radio friendly." Because of this - there are a lot of people who haven't actually heard the Las Vegas band's best song... Shame.


Anonymous said…
Great Song, Great Band!

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