Review: Kings of Leon release a top album! "Because of the Times" should be owned

The family that rocks together just got even better. Kings of Leon are three brothers and a cousin from Tennessee and they have a brand new album on store shelves which you should be picking up right away.

I have to be perfectly honest, I have been listening to the band's new record "Because of the Times" with a cynical ear. I didn't want to enjoy it as much as their last LP release - "Aha Heartbreak." I love Aha Heartbreak. It's such a fun album - the lyrics can be anything from profound to raunchy; the music wry, fun and dynamic. So, perhaps you can understand my fears. They said the new record was going to be different and a lot of ways it is. Among these is the songs are more developed, longer and the thought fuller. In other words, what was good is now better.

KOL in studio for the new record

The band has gone from producing unusual pop songs with quirky sounds to developing their sound into miniature indie operas. Think I'm kidding? Check out the first song "Knocked Up." You will hear the best of the old style with new elements and better songwriting. The track is seven minutes long and - more here, is better. Pick it up.

New stuff!

Nathan Followill in studio



March2theSea said…
just got the cd saturday and gad freaking ZOOOOOOOOOLIES I love it. I was ehh on them before..but I am planning to go get more of their stuff
Ryan Spaulding said…
Now that I have listened to this record extensively I realize how much better it is than their prior albums - which, as I said, I already love. People need to get hip to this incredible album.

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