Mother's Day with Boston's Reverend Glasseye

Greetings and good evening to ya. You know I had this huge Mother's Day post planned - but time has run short and it's basically Monday right now. As I mentioned the other day - I have lots of painting to do at the new place and after two days of picking bits of paint out of my hair and scrubbing the radioactive waste like paste out of my hands - my energy is a little sapped.

The way I had understood it, Boston's own Reverend GlassEye was moving away to Austin - and to be terribly honest, perhaps he has taken flight. Now there is evidently an independent movie project underway with some measure of involvement by the Reverend (?) - and at least one more show planned for May 18 at the Middle East in Cambridge. slated to benefit indie films. How could I not let you know about that??
Reverend Glasseye

- Definitely Different -
Whether the good Reverend is staying or leaving - I will feel a whole lot better now that I have shared some of his music with you. I have been a fan for more than a year now. Dynamic and different, the songs are just divine. Here is Reverend Glasseye's "Mother is a Carpegian" - and for those who still need to hear it ~ Happy Mother's Day.

Befriending the Reverend - myspace


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